About Us

Through intensive renovations, hands-on management, and a firm commitment to tenant satisfaction, we ensure that every property purchased turns a profit, regardless of its original condition. Our flourishing portfolio encompasses a wide range of properties across New York and New Jersey and continues to grow.

As trusted property managers, we pride ourselves on our strong relationships with our tenants and investors, who know they can count on us for excellent living conditions and high returns, respectively.

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Our Mission

Following a philosophy predicated on vision, trust, and teamwork, CW is dedicated to the development and management of diversified real estate ventures, characterized by superb quality and economic viability.

For over 16 years, we have leveraged vibrant relationships with respected lending institutions, award-winning architects, and tenants to acquire and develop strategic commercial, industrial and residential projects throughout the New York metropolitan area.

Our Value

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All aspects of property management are handled in-house by our knowledgeable and experienced staff. This includes marketing vacant properties, tenant screening, upkeep and improvements, and rent collection. Our close involvement and unique, hands-on approach enables us to surpass our tenants’ and investors’ expectations time and time again.

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We don’t keep our investors guessing and wondering. What we know, we share – it’s as simple as that. With frequent financial reports and a dedication to complete transparency, we treat our investors as the true partners they are.

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We welcome input from our tenants and investors – and we follow through with their requests. Our in-house agents handle the day-to-day management, and our well-staffed maintenance team is always on call to attend to requests in a timely, professional manner